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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

We are excited to be hosting professional golf in Raleigh again this spring. The health and safety of all associated with the REX Hospital Open is our top priority. The tournament setup may look different due to the pandemic, but we are planning a top-tier experience with a focus on safety. We are working closely with the PGA TOUR to implement measures on site to provide a safe environment. NC state and local guidelines will be followed closely to ensure a safe and memorable experience at the course.

Always remember the 3 W’s
  1. Wear a Mask
  2. Watch Your Distance
  3. Wash Your Hands

For information on Covid-19 vaccines available in NC please visit

For information on Covid-19 visit and

PGA Tour Code of Conduct

By coming onto the tournament grounds, you accept that spectators will be subject to expulsion and the loss of ticket privileges for the following breaches of etiquette:

  1. Refusal to abide by the PGA TOUR’s mask policy: Masks are required at PGA TOUR tournaments at all times, both indoors and outdoors, with limited exception. Exceptions include:
  • Medical conditions that make wearing a mask difficult
  • Children under the age of 2
  • While actively eating or drinking
  • *Masks are required at all times within 10 feet of the ropeline, even when in possession of food and beverage. No consumption of food and beverage is allowed in these areas.
  1. Refusal to abide by the PGA TOUR’s social distancing policies: It is important that everyone on-site practices social distancing in order to help maintain a safe environment. While on-site, pay attention to visual and verbal cues for capacity, directional flow and viewing area guidelines. Social distancing will lead the way.
  2. Making rude, vulgar or other inappropriate comments or gestures; Verbal or physical harassment of players, volunteers, officials or spectators; Distracting a player or any disruption of play; Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, unsafe or illegal in nature; Failing to follow the instruction of a championship official, volunteer or security personnel.
  3. Guests consuming alcoholic beverages are expected to do so in a responsible manner. Impaired or overly intoxicated guests will be removed from tournament grounds and are subject to further consequence involving local law enforcement.
  4. Despite measures to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, elimination of risk of exposure and infection to COVID-19 is not currently possible. Therefore, by attending this event, all attendees assume the risk and liability for any exposure to COVID-19 and any related loss, liability, or injury incurred at this event at all times.

The tournament reserves the right to deny entry or dismiss guests displaying inappropriate behavior or violating the Code of Conduct. Guests in violation will be subject to expulsion without refund. Hospitality Package holders and/or their guests are subject to revocation of their hospitality ticket for the remainder of the tournament. Guests hereby agree and are willing to adhere to the aforementioned provisions.

Social Distancing

It is important that all guests practice social distancing to help maintain a safe environment. While on-site, please follow posted signage for capacity, directional flow and viewing area guidelines.

Masks/Face Coverings

Masks will be required at the REX Hospital Open at all times, both indoors and outdoors, with limited exceptions. Exceptions include:

  • Medical Conditions that make wearing a mask difficult
  • Children under the age of 2
  • While actively eating or drinking

Guests should bring their own CDC approved face covering or cloth mask from home. Per CDC guidelines, a face shield is not an appropriate substitute for a face covering. Masks will be provided by the tournament to those guests who do not bring their own. Masks should fit snugly around the sides of the face and cover your nose, mouth and chin. Masks must be affixed prior to arrival at the entry gate.

Prior to Arrival

Those who feel ill or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be admitted to the REX Hospital Open. For more information on symptoms and procedures for those experiencing them, please visit the CDC’s website

Parking & Shuttles

All sponsors, spectators and volunteers will park at REX Healthcare of Wakefield (11200 Governor Manly Way Raleigh, NC 27614) and ride a shuttle to the main tournament entrance. Shuttles will run at 50% occupancy in an alternate seating pattern. Masks must be worn at all times while boarding, riding and exiting the shuttles.


Upon arrival to the event, each guest may be subject to a safety questionnaire. Once guests receive an admissible result, they will proceed through standard security checks and bag search in a safe and socially distant manner.

Ticketing Admissions

Tournament Organizers are in the process of finalizing a 2021 General Admission plan.  Please continue to monitor the website for ticket updates. 

Will Call

Will Call will not be available to the general public at the 2021 REX Hospital Open. Guests are encouraged to distribute tickets before the tournament.

Signage & Guidelines

Guests will notice increased safety signage throughout the golf course, as well as visual and verbal reminders of safe behavior guidelines and Code of Conduct that must be adhered to while on-site. Failure to comply with any posted or verbal guidelines may result in consequential action, including expulsion from the tournament grounds.

Concession Stands

Full Concession stands will be available at the 19th Hole (between #9 & #18 Greens) as well as in the Fan Fairway (between #10 Teen and Clubhouse). On course satellite concessions will be located at #3 Tee, #11 Green and #16 Green. Please remember distancing while in lines and while waiting for food.

Rope-Line Policy

Consumption of food and beverage is prohibited within 10 feet of the rope-line. Masks must be worn at all times within 10 feet of the rope-line, even when in possession of food and beverage. Marshals and security will be diligently roaming to remind guests of this policy.

Public Restrooms

Port-a-lets will be available for spectators around the course as well as a restroom trailer in the Fan Fairway area. Hand washing stations will be located nearby along with extra hand sanitizer stations.


The REX Hospital Open will have enhanced sanitization protocols in place to ensure all areas are routinely cleaned and sanitized. Sanitization and handwashing are encouraged throughout your time on-site. Many sanitizing stations will be provided and guests are also permitted to bring their own sanitizer from home.


Korn Ferry Tour players are excited to see guests back on-site but please understand, for the health and safety of everyone on property, no handshakes, fist bumps, selfies or autographs are permitted at this time. Please respect their space and watch your distance.

Feeling Ill On-Site

If you begin to feel ill or have symptoms after arrival at the event, go directly to a First Aid tent located behind the Clubhouse near the #1 Tee. Medical professionals are ready to assist you in accordance with their COVID-19 protocols.

Know Before You Go!

  • Wear A Mask
  • Guests Must Complete Covid-19 Related Questionnaire Upon Entry
  • Watch Your Distance (At Least 6 Feet)
  • Please Watch Your Distance:
    • No Autographs, Fists Bumps or Selfies Are Permitted With Players
  • Wash Your Hands For 20 Seconds or More
  • Avoid Unnecessary Touchpoints And Large Crowds
  • Self Check Temperature Prior To Approval
  • Stay Home if You Feel Ill Or Display Any Symptoms Of Covid-19

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